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Optimising every student’s opportunity to achieve his/her potential lies at the heart of Education Queensland’s commitment to all students. We embrace this and our vision for all students is to provide authentic experiences that both challenge and support them to pursue excellence and develop a passion for lifelong learning.

Moreton Downs State School seeks to cater for the needs of all students. We cater for our students by acknowledging that there are differences in learning styles, backgrounds, needs and motivation.  We treat students accordingly by modifying tasks, content and method of instruction to ensure all students can access the curriculum in a way that is meaningful for them. In our rapidly changing world it is no longer sufficient nor acceptable for students to only be able to take pencil and paper tests and complete learning tasks in one way. With the advent of ever-changing technology and therefore changes in the world of work and life students need opportunities to develop their strengths and skills in a number of ways. Differentiation which enriches a students’ learning experiences is the key.

Delivering a school-wide program for enrichment clearly aligns with the School Improvement Hierarchy across multiple domains.

As well enrichment covers various design questions and learning elements from the Art of Science and Teaching Pedagogical Framework.

Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences

As an overarching framework, Gardner’s model is a deeply celebrated, research based framework. It is easy to use, explain and market. Working around the model ensures Moreton Downs State School students are provided with authentic and measureable enrichment opportunities, in a streamlined process.  By acknowledging students’ strengths and ensuring they have access to an area in which they can succeed, we are catering for our number one priority – our students.  We are also meeting our obligation to deliver our school’s explicit improvement agenda around the upper two bands. Assess your own Multiple Intelligence Strength on the Literacy Net website.

What is Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences and how does that look in terms of activities offered?

Most educators are familiar with Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences research which highlighted 8 domains. A recent review of his work added a ninth domain – Existential. For the purposes of our focus at Moreton Downs we will focus on the original 8 domains.

2019 IMPACT Project – Just Write Year 3 and 5 – Writing Extension Program

Our Improvement Agenda targets students in the Upper 2 Bands of learning. These bands are identified through NAPLAN results and we utilise a range of school based educational screens and assessments to determine progress and aptitude of students.

This year our school has enrolled groups from our Years 3 and 5 students forming our U2B groups for the ‘Just Write Program’, delivered through the IMPACT Centre.

In the 'Just Write Program' students are extended beyond formulaic writing. They discover how successful writers create ideas and expand on those ideas to draw the audience in. They practise the craft of writing, constructing sentences and passages that convey subject matter, mode and tenor. The 'Just Write Program' also provides a great opportunity for our children to experience online learning. It includes the chance to connect and collaborate with students from other state schools in Queensland.

The program is delivered by the IMPACT Centre in partnership with Moreton Downs State School.

  • The IMPACT Centre is a branch of Queensland’s Department of Education and Training. 
  • The centre offers a range of online learning programs to students from Queensland state schools.
  • The school is funding this program. There is no cost to you.
  • More information is available on the Queensland Government IMPACT website.

Year 3 complete their 12 week Just Write Course, graduating during week 3 of Term 2 and head towards their NAPLAN Testing with improved confidence and skills.

Year 5 complete their 12 week 'Just Write Course' graduating in week 3 of Term 2 in time for their NAPLAN Writing Assessment. Students work through many skills of initial drafting, editing and recrafting before finally publishing their piece of work.

Last reviewed 02 March 2020
Last updated 02 March 2020