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Instrumental Music Programs

Moreton Downs State School offers two Instrumental Music Programs to students: Multi-Instrumental Program and a Strings Program.

Year Three students at Moreton Downs State School become eligible to try out for the following year's Multi-Instrumental Music program through Term 4 of Year 3. Year Two and Three students become eligible for Strings Program through Term 4 of Year 2 and commencing Year 3.

Students enrolling throughout the year may also trial to become members of either program.  

Before applying for this program, parents/carers and students are requried to read the policy and practices below outining the expecations of the Instrumental Music Programs. 

Multi-Instruments available at Moreton Downs State School:
Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba and Percussion.
The Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Trumpet may be hired from the school for 12 months. The other instruments may be hired beyond 12 months due to the higher expense of these instruments.
Lessons are one half hour duration per week during school time.  They are taken on a small group basis with each group having a maximum of eight pupils.
Student Selection
Students are auditioned and selected according to the following criteria:
·       Keenness to learn
·       Musical aptitude
·       Physical characteristics pertinent to a particular instrument
·       Commitment of students and parents to daily practice and to regular attendance at lessons and rehearsals
·       Evaluation by the classroom teacher on areas such as academic results, ability to work independently, work habits, discipline, co-operation with the teacher and other students, and their school attendance record
Places are often limited in relation to available instruments. Please be aware that some students may be placed on a waiting list.
Once a student has been accepted into the program, a commitment for one full year will be expected.  Please note that learning a musical instrument is not easy and requires hard work, patience and regular practice to be successful.  It is similar to learning another language. Children who stop practising and fail to attend lessons and/or ensemble will be withdrawn from the program. Know your child and their other commitments well. Be sure that he/she has good working habits and time for practice before committing to the program.
What are the commitments of students if they join? 
Every student must agree to –
·       Practice regularly – a short period every day.  (Initially approximately 10-20 minutes per day, gradually increasing to approximately 30 minutes per day, at least four to five times per week).
·       Become a member of the school Concert Band when your teacher lets you know that you’ve reached this level.
·       Take part as required in all concerts and workshops.
·       Attend lessons, rehearsals and other classes regularly as required.
What are the commitments of parents?
Parents should –
·       Provide an instrument (either by hiring from the school or own instrument)
·       Provide a tuition book (approximate cost $25) and accessories: reeds (clarinet and saxophone) must be replaced as required.
·       Provide costs of trips and music festivals.
·       Provide payment of school instrumental music fees (as listed below).
·       Arrange a regular time and suitable space for practice
·       Promote the care of the instrument
·       Provide transport to various rehearsals and concerts and attend as many performances as possible.
·       Make sure your child is familiar with his/her responsibilities.
·       Encourage your child to be punctual for lessons and rehearsals
·       Encourage your child to play for others whenever possible
Moreton Downs State School Instrumental Fees
Students who are borrowing a school instrument will need to pay a total resource scheme of $50.00 which covers the hire/maintenance costs of the instrument, supporting resources, administration costs and consumables.
Students who have their own instrument are required to pay a resource scheme of $25.00 which provides supporting resources, administration costs and consumables.
Benefits of Instrumental Music
Why do instrumental music?  There are many reasons.  Listed below are just a few of these:
·       For enjoyment, relaxation, and fun.
·       To improve social interaction through being in small groups and large ensembles.
·       To learn discipline through practice, learn to organise time, and learn commitment.
·       To improve motor skills.
·       To learn creativity and self-expression.
·       To learn a broader cultural and historical heritage.
·       To help students develop their full potential.  Howard Gardner, in his book Frames of Mind, lists musical intelligence as one of seven basic kinds of intelligence that exist in every human being.
·       To assist with academic achievement. There have been many studies carried out, particularly in the United States, that show that learning music supports academic achievement, especially in reading and language, and also mathematics.
·       To improve the brain. There have been many studies carried out that show that music is one of the few disciplines that stimulates both left and right sides of the brain and actually builds new brain pathways. 
Thank you for your interest in the Instrumental Music Multi Program at Moreton Downs State School.

Instrumental Music - Fanfare 2018

Students continuing with instrumental music also participate in the Moreton Downs Concert Band along with their lessons.  These students also perform regularly at school on parade and at the school fair as well as outside school events such as the Queensland Fanfare Band competition and Peninsula Music Festival. 
Peninsula Music Festival 2018
Congratulations to both of our Instrumental Music Groups: String Ensemble and Concert Band, on their respective performances in the Annual Peninsula Music Festival held at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre Monday 15th October.
This non-competitive event provides school ensembles in the Moreton Bay area an opportunity to perform on a larger stage for an audience. Groups are judged against a set of band and ensemble criteria and awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificates according to their performance on the day.
Our strings ensemble were awarded a Silver Performance level and our Concert Band a Bronze.
Each group's performances saw students perform admirably together. This is an annual opportunity that Moreton Downs State School takes to provide performance and audience  time with other local schools' bands and ensembles performing on the day.
String Ensemble Performance
Concert Multi-Band Performance